Added to CNO’s reading list

Naval War College, Newport, R.I.

Naval War College, Newport, R.I.

Well, this is exciting. No Higher Honor has been picked as a Title of Interest by the CNO’s Professional Reading Program.

Maintained by the Naval War College, the CNO-PRP’s reading lists include some really great books, such as A Sailor’s History of the U.S. Navy by Tom Cutler, Wired for War by Pete Singer, The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors by Jim Hornfischer, The Twilight War by David Crist, and many more. It’s an honor, and quite humbling, to be listed with them.

A Short History of a Short Street

Update: Crossposted to Hidden City Philadelphia.

In West Philly, Saint Bernard Street is less a street name than a collective noun.

It is the designation given to six discrete segments of pavement, all between 49th and 50th Street yet strewn across more than two miles of urban grid. Perhaps because of its fragmented nature, St. Bernard has made relatively little imprint upon the records of a city suffused with history and with people and organizations who labor to document it.

S. St. Bernard Street, 800 to 1000 blocks (View larger map)

But let us consider just its longest segment — the three blocks of South St. Bernard Street bounded by Florence and Chester Avenues, in the neighborhood of Cedar Park — and inquire: what can the Web tell us about it?

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