‘No Higher Honor,’ back in print

No Higher Honor coverI’m happy to report that Naval Institute Press has released a paperback edition of No Higher Honor: Saving the USS Samuel B. Roberts in the Persian Gulf. You can buy it on Amazon or, if you’re a Naval Institute member, through the USNI site.

If you happen to seek the book elsewhere, kindly remember that you’re looking for the  Cheap Jewelry Canada  “No Higher Honor” by me and not the one by Condoleeza Rice. (No, I’m not mad that her 2011 memoir used the title; my book was hardly the first book by the name.) Also, you’re looking for the 2013 paperback edition, not the 2006 hardcover, which Amazon generally insists upon selling at truly ridiculous prices. (By the way, mine is far from the only book to attain such Pandora Bracelets Canada  crazy valuations; here’s a 2011 article about the phenomenon, which seems to be linked to various booksellers’ computers comparing each other’s prices rapidly and repeatedly.)

Anyway, I’m grateful to the Naval Institute Press for reissuing No Higher Honor, and to Paul X. Rinn for encouraging them to do so. I occasionally hear from sailors whose ships or schools have made the book mandatory reading; this new edition will make it easier for everyone to get a copy of their own.